85 Times People Spotted Something Magnificent In The Nature And Had To Share It Online

There’s no question that Mother Nature has been generous enough to give us countless gifts of everything we need to survive. Not to mention the breathtaking landscapes and adorable animals that make our hearts melt; the surprises just keep on coming. Yet sometimes we can get stuck in the fast pace of our urban lifestyles and barely even notice the beauty surrounding us.

Thanks to this subreddit, we can still receive our daily dose of cuteness and admire the jaw-dropping things happening just outside the comfort of our homes. From mammoth tusks and wild horses to devastating natural disasters; this Reddit page has more than enough captivating images for you to see.

Bored Panda collected the best awe-inspiring examples this subreddit could offer. Keep scrolling through this list and see some truly awesome photos of nature yourself!
#1 Raw Velvety Malachite