Artist Brian Mock Takes Scrap Metal And Turns It Into Beautiful Sculptures..

Anything can be turned into art if you’re creative enough. Even scrap metal, such as nuts, and bolts and Brian Mock is the living proof. He is an Oregon-based artist who makes beautiful sculptures out of recycled materials, especially metal scraps. He starts his work by searching for pieces of scrap material and thinking of ways to reinterpret them into something new and intriguing. Mock first started creating sculptures in the 1990s when the entire upcycling movement was still in its very early stages, but the breakthrough in his works came after he learned the technique of welding. This gave his works a whole new twist and was the beginning of his life-size sculptures, for which he is known now.

Mock’s works include mostly large human figures or animals, such as dogs and cats, and he uses bolts and nuts to add depth to his sculptures. The most amazing part is that his works have very life-like features and you can feel them almost coming alive by just looking at them. Such a great talent!