This Strange Plant Has Flowers with Petals Shaped Like Hummingbirds

The Internet is full of wonders, from memes to stunning photographs, an endless ocean of tweets to political manifestos. People are free to share pretty much anything, and while some use it to share things that they should probably keep to themselves, others sometimes drop a thing or two that absolutely mesmerizes the online public.

One Reddit user by the name of OctopusPrime recently shared a photograph that had many not only confused but pretty fascinated. Dropped in the subreddit NatureIsF**kingLit, the photo showed a type of flower that resembled a collection of tiny green hummingbirds. The author commented, “Check out these beautiful flowers that look like tiny hummingbirds!” and, boy, did people check them out!

A person recently shared this image that had an entire group of people fascinated by it