Canadian Marble Fox

Canadian Marble Foxes are almost cat-like in appearance and the most notable feature is the greyish-black ring around their eyes, often referred to as a burglar’s mask. The Canadian Marble Fox is a mixed breed of fox created by mating a red fox with a silver fox. The Canadian Marble Fox have a white coat with black or tan patches across the face and ears, along with a triangular face, pointy ears, and bushy tail. Males are usually 3 to 9.5 kg in weight with 18 to 27 inches height, while females range from 1.3 to 3.6 kg in weight with 18 to 20 inches height.

The Canadian marble fox, which is also called an arctic fox, is a small fox that has an appearance resembling a cat. One of its most interesting features is the dark rings around its eyes that look similar to what a raccoon would have.

The Canadian marble fox is named for the fact that its coat resembles stone marble. Generally, you will see their coat as mostly grey or tan with streaks of these colours, as well as black and white, throughout.