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106 Examples Of Infrastructure That Show Why Engineers Who Think Outside The Box Must Be Celebrated

Hard infrastructure, i.e., highways, bridges, railroads, etc., aren’t often seen as some awe-inspiring examples of aesthetics that surround us. However, they certainly can be.

Whether it’s a straightforward solution that offers eye-pleasing symmetry or an elaborate design that adds extra pizzazz to the scenery, hard infrastructure can be an impressive feat of both engineering and beauty. Add perfect timing and just the right angle and you’ll be rewarded with some stunning imagery, too.

#1 Magdeburg Water Bridge – Magdeburg, Germany

Image credits: rockystl

#2 Bay Bridge, Looking Toward San Francisco From Treasure Island

Image credits: excitom

#3 The Lner Azuma Train Crosses Edinburgh’s Forth Bridge

Image credits: Brilliant__5280

#4 Čechův Most, Prague

Image credits: newjersey1988

#5 Bastei Walking Bridge – Germany – 1851

Image credits: rockystl

#6 Another Image Of The New Bicycle Storage In Amsterdam, With Space For 7000 Bikes Below The Water In Front Of Central Station

Image credits: Redditing-Dutchman

#7 Thought You Would Be Interested In This Skew Bridge In Scotland

Image credits: ameowman

#8 The Bridge Over The Mountain Spring Lake In Romania [oc][1772×1181]

Image credits: NudeArtRomania

#9 Devil’s Bridge – Bulgaria

Image credits: rockystl

#10 A Novel High Voltage Electricity Pylon Called ‘Bog Fox, In Estonia By Part Architects

Image credits: r_sole1

#11 Road Cut Through Taroko Gorge, Taiwan [oc]

Image credits: loki_racer

#12 The Tientsin Eye Yongle Bridge – Tianjin, China

Image credits: rockystl

#13 Crystal Palace Transmitter, London

Image credits: mellonians

#14 Wildlife Crossing In Banff National Park, Canada

Image credits: zek_997

#15 High Trestle Trail Bridge – Boone County, Iowa

Image credits: rockystl

#16 Huangjuewan Interchange

Image credits: biwook

#17 Elevated Metro Line Integrated Into Park It Passes Over In Kolkata, India

Image credits: Low-Newt-180

#18 Palo Verde Nuclear Powerplant. Located 45 Miles From Phoenix Az, The Plant Uses The Cities Treated Sewage Water For Cooling. It Is The Only Nuclear Plant In The Us Not Located On A Major Body Of Water

Image credits: wadamday

#19 London Bridge Station From The Shard

Image credits: OtterlyFoxy

#20 Monorail Passes Through Liziba Station In Chongqing, China. It Passes Through The Sixth And Eighth Floors Of The 19-Story Apartment Building

Image credits: congratsonyournap

#21 Clifton Suspension Bridge – Bristol, England, UK

Image credits: rockystl

#22 Public Elevator In Luxembourg, Free As All Other Public Transportation

Image credits: MaxiKing121

#23 Someone Recommended That I Post This Denver Lightrail Station Entrance On Here

Image credits: RCsSnaps

#24 Millau Viaduct

Image credits: _SP3CT3R

#25 Kapellbrucke Chapel Bridge – Lucerne, Switzerland

Image credits: rockystl

#26 Heatherwick Rolling Bridge – Paddington Basin, London, England, UK

Image credits: rockystl

#27 Suspension Rail In Wuppertal, Germany

Image credits: footour

#28 A Cycle Path That Goes Through A Lake In Bokrijk, Belgium

Image credits: Stotallytob3r

#29 The Entrance To What Once Was The Longest Railway Tunnel In The World. Northern Line, London Underground

Image credits: Stotallytob3r

#30 Boston

Image credits: DefinitelyNotGreg

#31 Germany Has Highway Strips That Can Be Instantly Transformed Into Emergency Airfields, Serving As Auxiliary Military Air Bases

Image credits: dominik-braun

#32 Sometimes It’s Not The Name, It’s The Shape. Presenting The Newmarket Health Centre

Image credits: kjl0904

#33 Vancouver, Bc From The Window Of An Airplane [oc]

Image credits: Koblootski

#34 A Wall In Ancient Ostia Where The Bricks Were Laid According To The Scheme Called Opus Reticulatum, With Bricks Arranged Diagonally. The Ancient Romans Knew Earthquake Tremors Were Transmitted Diagonally And This Could Cope Better Than A Horizontal Pattern

Image credits: Stotallytob3r

#35 Lacerda Elevator, Salvador, Brazil. It Is The First Public Elevator In The World. Built In 1873, When It Opened It Was The Tallest Elevator In The World At 63 Meters High

Image credits: Rondic

#36 3 Freight Trains Of Indian Railways In Konkan, Maharashtra, India

Image credits: Low-Newt-180

#37 Metro Tunnel Ready For Trial Runs, Mumbai, India

Image credits: LimpMusician2069

#38 Utrecht, The Netherlands: 50 Years Ago, This Canal Was Filled And Converted Into A Highway. Now It Has Finally Been Transformed Back, With Space For Cyclists And Nature As Well

Image credits: Redditing-Dutchman

#39 The Delhi–mumbai Expressway Is A 1,350 Km Long, 8-Lane Wide Under-Construction Access-Controlled Expressway Connecting India’s National Capital New Delhi With Its Financial Capital Mumbai

Image credits: reddit.com

#40 The Ashalim Power Station In The Negev Desert, With The Tallest Solar Tower In Israel

Image credits: abaganoush

#41 Two Indian Trains Cross Each Other Near Manmad Station In India

Image credits: Low-Newt-180

#42 Elizabeth Line British Rail Class 345 Bombardier Aventra Electric Multiple Unit (Emu) Train At Farringdon Station, London, UK

Image credits: HighburyAndIslington

#43 Pedestrian Walkway Under The Subway Viaduct. Bangkok

Image credits: tannerge

#44 2004 Photo Of The Millau Viaduct In Southern France Under Construction

Image credits: morganmonroe81

#45 A Roundabout Bridge In Uruguay

Image credits: Marciu73

#46 Bharati, India’s 2nd Research Centre In Antarctica

Image credits: TheLastMomBender

#47 Crews Await Skytrain Tbm Breakthrough While Traffic Moves On Broadway Street Above – Vancouver, Canada

Image credits: AdapterCable

#48 Oil Rig In Brage Oil Field Located In The North Sea 120 Km Northwest Of The City Of Bergen

Image credits: fattyfoods

#49 Panama Canal Locks Under Construction In 1912

Image credits: morganmonroe81

#50 Williamsburg Bridge, Brooklyn, NY

Image credits: EssoEssex

#51 Highway 99 Above, Highway 1 And Bc Ferries Queue Below – West Vancouver, Canada

Image credits: AdapterCable

#52 Séliš Ksanka Ql’ispé Dam At Polson, Montana, United States

Image credits: Neumean

#53 Tram From 1926 Still In Active Traffic On The Streets Of Stockholm, Sweden, November 2022 [4080×3072]

Image credits: kattmedtass

#54 The Largest Solar Farm In The World: 14,000 Acres Located In Rajasthan, India

Image credits: Wamges

#55 Under Manchester Streets

Image credits: abaganoush

#56 Shenzhen, China’s Newest Transit Hub, Gangxia North Station, Which Connects 4 Metro Lines

Image credits: wolegequ_

#57 Giantic Bridge In Germany, 158 Meter Tall, 1702 Meters Long

Image credits: According_South_2500

#58 Roundabout With Tram Passing Thrue, Karlsruhe, Germany

Image credits: Iceliker

#59 FedEx Superhub Memphis, Tn – Over 90 FedEx Aircraft In This Picture Alone!

Image credits: meir_ratnum

#60 Three Trains Passing At A Time Through Mukundara Hills National Park. Rajasthan, India

Image credits: crowbiriyani

#61 USB Type Shaped Port, Rheinhäfen Karlsruhe, Germany

Image credits: multi_tasker01

#62 The Tijuana International Airport In Mexico Has A Terminal In The Us Which Is Connected To The Main Building Through A Bridge Over The Border

Image credits: gahte3

#63 Royal Gorge Bridge – Fremont County, Colorado

Image credits: rockystl

#64 The Stockholm Telephone Tower With Approximately 5,500 Telephone Lines, 1890 [1600×1238]

Image credits: kairatsh

#65 Storseisundet Bridge – Norway

Image credits: rockystl

#66 Banff Wildlife Crossing Project, Banff, Alberta, Canada. Combined With Fencing To Keep The Animals Off The Road, The Structures Have Reduced Animal-Vehicle Collisions In The Area By More Than 80%

Image credits: morganmonroe81

#67 No One Does Train Stations Like China

Image credits: reddit.com

#68 Jacksonville, Florida Interchange

Image credits: rockystl

#69 Elevated Tram At The Detroit Metropolitan Airport [oc]

Image credits: TheGummiFather

#70 Suspension Railway – Wuppertal, Germany

Image credits: rockystl

#71 They Started Digging Foundation For That 170 Kilometers Long Building In Saudi Arabia

Image credits: biwook

#72 Dedicated Bus Lanes In The Middle Of The A40 Autobahn In Essen, Germany

Image credits: catp2

#73 Temporary Road Build Around A Landslide In Fukui Prefecture, Japan

Image credits: biwook

#74 Bharati Research Station Of India In Antarctica

Image credits: Low-Newt-180

#75 Tortosa Market At 40.5°, Tortosa (Catalonia)

Image credits: atzucach

#76 Konkan Train Route, India

Image credits: depressed-n-awkward

#77 High Bridge Over Nature Preserve

Image credits: DeadLeadbetter

#78 Nh 44, Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu, India. The Longest National Highway In The Country. Picture: The_prabster (Ig)

Image credits: Qwertz275_

#79 The Personal Rapid Transit In At Wvu In Morgantown, Wv. It Has 69 Autonomous Cars That Run Along An 8.7-Mile Guideway System With 5 Stations

Image credits: WaddlesJP13

#80 The Mini Subway System Underneath The Us Capitol. It Has Two Lines, Six Stops Total, And A Maintenance Bay

Image credits: WaddlesJP13

#81 Road To Nowhere, Monument Valley, Az, USA

Image credits: Position_Extreme

#82 Jacob’s Ladder On The Remote Atlantic Island Of St. Helena Is One Of The Longest Straight Stairways In The World, Rising 183m

Image credits: Stotallytob3r

#83 The Ancient Roman Aqueduct In Segovia, Spain – Standing Since The 1st Century

Image credits: EssoEssex

#84 New Solar Plant In Campeche, Mexico

Image credits: Spascucci

#85 Rotterdam, 25 Years Ago And Now

Image credits: seamanplays

#86 Aqueduct Of Valens, Built In The Year Of 368 Ad In Constantinople

Image credits: senolsanbari

#87 Viaduct 13, Brazil. It Is The Tallest Viaduct In The Americas And The Second Tallest In The World. It Is 143 Meters High And Was Built In The 1970s

Image credits: Rondic

#88 This Is The Metropolitan Area Outer Underground Discharge Channel. It Will Fill With Water To Protect Tokyo From Flooding. The Concrete Support Towers Are 18m Tall

Image credits: ldoot

#89 Paddington Station On The Elizabeth Line, London, UK

Image credits: HighburyAndIslington

#90 The Metro In Lausanne, Switzerland – The Smallest City In The World To Have A Full Metro System

Image credits: biwook

#91 Safety And Alignment Improvements Taking Shape On The Transcanada Highway. Highway 1 Is One Of The Deadliest Sections Of Roadway In The Country. Canadian Rockies, British Columbia

Image credits: AdapterCable

#92 One Of The 10 Largest Solar Plants In The World Under Construction In Mexico

Image credits: Spascucci

#93 Worli-Bandra Sea Link, Mumbai, India

Image credits: Acrobatic_Effect4907

#94 Due To The Destruction Of A Certain Russian Bridge, The Vasco De Gama Bridge In Lisbon, Portugal Is Now The Longest (Usable) Bridge In Europe

Image credits: Tayo826

#95 Construction Of The Mayan Train Cutting Through The Jungle In Mexico

Image credits: Spascucci

#96 The Mozes Bridge (Loopgraafbrug) – Fort De Roovere, Halsteren, Netherlands

Image credits: rockystl

#97 Peljesac Bridge, Croatia, Night Before The Opening Day

Image credits: r_bubyy

#98 Train Dock In Duluth, Minnesota. Photo Credit Dave Schauer

Image credits: itsarace1

#99 The Falkirk Wheel, A Rotating Boat Lift In Scotland. It Replaces The Original 11 Locks On The Forth And Clyde Canal Junction With The Union Canal

Image credits: Stotallytob3r

#100 This Not A Town, This Is A Single Chemical Plant In Burghausen, Germany (Wacker Chemie Ag)

Image credits: Tackerta

#101 Marienbrucke Pedestrian Bridge – Schwangau, Germany

Image credits: rockystl

#102 Sea Cliff Bridge – Highway 1 – Australia

Image credits: rockystl

#103 Newly Inaugurated Cycling And Walking Track In Bengaluru, India

Image credits: Low-Newt-180

#104 Arches Railway Bridge, Brazil

Image credits: Rondic

#105 A Renovated Section Of Penn Station, New York

Image credits: Redditing-Dutchman

#106 Mumbai Trans Harbour Link

Image credits: chipkali_lover

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