20 Times Jealous People And Pets Couldn’t Hide Their Envy

Who among us can claim they have never harbored envious thoughts toward others? We seriously doubt it. Most of us have experienced jealousy at some point in life. And it can also happen over little things. For example, you feel envy when you go to the gym and witness a man there who has a nice body that you don’t. At that moment there are many negative thoughts inside you. You desire that thing or even wish that the other lacked it. Despite knowing that this is a non-positive emotion, you can’t hide your envy.

These people and pets in the list below also couldn’t hide their envy. But their hilarious facial expressions were unfortunately caught by cameras and became a source of entertainment for others. Scroll down to take a look at these pictures and you will burst out laughing after finding the reason why they were so jealous. Also, keep in mind jealousy sometimes can ruin the moment for you. So, be careful.

#1. The face of envy