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20 Times Nature’s Printer Lost Its Settings, and the Results Are Adorable

Nature always finds time for a little experimenting, and you know this to be true when you see a goat that looks as if someone was painting it and suddenly gave up, or when you meet a cat that’s “wearing” a huge paw print of another cat on its back. Nature gets creative even when it comes to stones, making them look like juicy slices of meat. Keep your cameras close the next time you go for a walk, and don’t miss all the little miracles around you.

1. “A white goat dipped in brown paint or a brown goat dipped in white paint?”

© mandyandcoral / Reddit

2. It looks like “running out of paint” right in the middle of creating goats is a common occurance for Mother Nature...

© snierre / Reddit

3. This dog has a spot that’s a perfect circle.

© swagmoneymcgee / Reddit

4. Meet Venus, the cat whose face is split into 2 colors.

5. This cat has a trace of someone’s paw on its back.

© AsianSoap / Reddit

6. It looks like this pepper is half-albino.

© blur_revision / Reddit

7. “The color of my kitten’s foot is split down the middle.”

© TheAbominableRex / Reddit

8. This cat has a lightning bolt on its head just like Harry Potter. Oh, and that mustache, of course!

© ericaholbrook / Reddit

9. Mother Nature couldn’t decide whether she wanted a yellow flower or a pink one...

© Chad-the-Lad / Reddit

10. All 3 cows in this pic have white stripes in the middle of their bodies.

© DeadWelcome / Reddit

11. A doggo boasting mesmerizing freckles

12. This cow is “wearing” a chicken on its side.

© Bananafish70 / Reddit

13. This 2-toned stone looks like a piece of pork.

© Miss_Galactica / Reddit

14. The color pattern of this cow makes it look like it’s a sculpture carved from wood.

© vonkub / Reddit

15. A goatee and a mustache turned this cat into a feline version of Don Quixote.

16. "My horse has a bird-shaped paint mark and her tail is the bird’s tail, hence her name, “Dove.”

© TheVoidWantsCuddles / Reddit

17. This dog’s body looks like a modern painting.

18. “This apple I got in the grocery store had a perfectly split color change.”

© emmazingxx / Reddit

19. We can’t unsee the woman’s silhouette on this dog.

20. “Ginny was born with an almost perfect heart in her fur.”

© Alex_6429 / Reddit

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