40 Of The Most Mysterious Plants These People Found And Asked What They Are

Whatever you’re looking for out there in this big world, it must be on the internet. Even if you don’t even know the thing yourself, and in that case, the chances are you end up on Reddit.

It’s basically an online home of detectives who will use their joint effort to come up with a solid explanation for what is an object that you have no clue about. Known as r/Whatisthisthing, this community has 2M members and they help others with not necessarily the “why” but with the “what.” Read our previous posts about it herehere and here.

And then, there’s this similarly awesome corner of Reddit with a botanical twist of hard-to-identify objects. Welcome to r/Whatsthisplant, a community of people created to identify plants that visitors submit. And let me tell you, this is one hell of a floral encyclopedia you never knew you needed. Scroll down through the best posts of mysterious plants explained and be sure to hit upvote on your favorite ones!

Recently, the government of Cambodia requested its citizens to not pluck the rare plant Nepenthes holdenii after a series of images went viral with women plucking and posing with the plant, due to its shape looking awfully similar to the phallic shape of the male genitalia when glanced upon from a certain angle.