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26 September 2023 ( 26 views )

62 Of The Worst And Funniest Attempts At Photoshop

Photoshop is a magical tool if used correctly. With it, you can edit out any major flaws or annoyances in your images. (Everyone’s seen a picture with a tree branch sticking out of one’s head like an antenna.) You can go as far as adding cousin George, who couldn’t make it to the family reunion.

There is, however, the other side to this coin. If used incorrectly, photoshop can help create some bizarre-looking pictures. For instance, the same cousin George “grows” a third arm after copy-pasting goes wrong. Similar examples of disfigurement and other inconsistencies with reality can be found on the r/PhotoshopFails subreddit, which boasts an impressive collection of altered images.

If you enjoy such masterpieces, check out Bored Panda’s older edition of the worst and funniest attempts at photoshop. They show that everything is possible when you (don’t) know how to use photoshop correctly.

#1 Found On Fb

Image credits: F_N_K

#2 I’m Absolutely Sold On This Product!

Image credits: Jay_Boogie96

#3 Vacation Of A Lifetime

Image credits: Mynameisnotmarlin

#4 Is Photoshopping A Babies Fingers A Fail?

Image credits: missernestskeeper

#5 Bruh

Image credits: Jannik_1905

#6 Found On Ig. Lol

Image credits: Mikeyd8005

#7 Why Find A + Size Model When You Can Just “Stretch” Pictures?

Image credits: carlosonext

#8 Wtf Am I Looking At

Image credits: reds2032

#9 Gonna Wear This To My Wedding

Image credits: saucegod207

#10 Shadows Don’t Lie

Image credits: Curious_Bar348

#11 I’m Sure The Shirt Looks Just Like This In Person, Right?

Image credits: sweeeee47

#12 Amazing Heated Blanket Picture *chef’s Kiss*

Image credits: Geoluhread123

#13 Huge Kittens And Miniature Families Can All Enjoy This Chair!

Image credits: georgiemaebbw

#14 Elegant, Long Fingered Lady Lol

Image credits: artsyfartsy007

#15 Seems Like A Real Dress To Me

Image credits: CoordinatorFightClub

#16 Found On Etsy

Image credits: annollid

#17 Another Shein Fail

Image credits: cherrycanary1

#18 I Paid 150 Dollars To Blank Out The Faces And This Is What I Got

Image credits: Theinternettoxic

#19 The Scale Is Just Brutal. The Shadow Is Icing On The Cake

Image credits: habshfx

#20 Just Shopping For Chirstmas Themed Lingerie Online. This Was One Of The Result’s And Something That Walmart Actually Had Up For Sale

Image credits: Finnder_

#21 Is She Holding Someone’s Hand?

Image credits: littlestwho

#22 Giant Woman Or Hobbit Home?

Image credits: AccidentalGoodLife

#23 Looks Like Someone Just Learned How To Copy Paste

Image credits: amir-hadi-nejati

#24 Amazing Work On A Headset Ad On Amazon

Image credits: Nilliay88

#25 Ok Britney, Those Are Some Very Bendy Lines!

Image credits: redflavourcrayon

#26 Seems Legit Adidas To Me

Image credits: canichangeitlateror

#27 Woof

Image credits: RyinJones

#28 What Is His Training Plan

Image credits: Ok_Season3619

#29 ” Butt Shaping Leggings”

Image credits: Kitty_Cat470

#30 Found This While I Was Shopping And Had To Share

Image credits: Qome

#31 The Door Rlly Be Like ?

Image credits: Key_Site9881

#32 Ridiculously Repetitive Vegetation In Windows Lockscreen Photo

Image credits: Tartuffe-Uffe

#33 Multiple Hairstyles At The Same Time

Image credits: RussNP

#34 One Tiny Child

Image credits: Gaudy_Tripod

#35 Amazon Delivering A Safe Fan That Won’t Suck You Into Little Pieces

Image credits: Obieousmaximus

#36 Am I Crazy Or Is This Definitely Bad Photoshop

Image credits: Queeniebabes

#37 $4 Volleyball $4 Photoshop

Image credits: InTheSock

#38 Humans Without Legs

Image credits: HappyHideaway

#39 See The World As Your Car Rolls Off A Cliff, Apparently

Image credits: Ayziak

#40 Which Of These Good Boys “Wears” It Best?

Image credits: booquarius

#41 Another One From Amazon

Image credits: mrcoonut

#42 That’s A Huge Phone! Source: Wish

Image credits: Saddam_UE

#43 Failed Youtube Add

Image credits: Hideyohubby

#44 I Guess They Pop Out Of The Box Glowing And Spinning At Top Speed

Image credits: CypherVirus

#45 Sales Apps

Image credits: Warm-Prompt-1503

#46 He Has Been Working Out For Months…or It’s Photoshop

Image credits: Kiobird

#47 Is It Just Me Or Does This Look Photoshopped? Why Isn’t The Bed Or Pillow Affected By Their Weight? The Shadow Looks Fabricated. Thoughts?

Image credits: Seanskiianya

#48 I Apologize If This Has Already Been Posted But…

Image credits: NowYoureTalking

#49 Fashion Magazine Burda Style (Instagram Screenshot And It’s Still On Their Page)

Image credits: Djenkiee

#50 Caution: Use Of This Product May Cause Extra Thumb To Sprout And The Bike To Clip Into Your Leg

Image credits: TheScienceGiant

#51 This Just… I… I Mean Who Am I Kidding?! It Makes Totally Perfect Sense! They Just Know Something We Don’t!

Image credits: Archist-

#52 Lion Swallowed Baby Elephant Whole

Image credits: RosiePosie8934

#53 Hats Off To The Designer!

Image credits: GeneralAjAxOG

#54 I Hope Mine Is Going To Be As Pixelated As The Picture Shows

Image credits: Madaboutsnails

#55 Love How Her Hair Strands Were In The Exact Same Position 2 Weeks Later

Image credits: OKIAMONREDDIT

#56 Shopping For Hi-Viz Vest. Looks Like These Were Done In Ms Paint

Image credits: only-want-to-see

#57 Excuse Me Wtf

Image credits: kitohdzz

#58 Shein Killed It This Time

Image credits: BananaManiac21000

#59 This Home For Sale In My Hometown

Image credits: MaximumComfort32

#60 I Am Not Convinced

Image credits: Mediocre_Stomach_746

#61 Wife Found This Looking For Dresses For My Daughter

Image credits: NullNV01d

#62 This Honey I Shrunk The Kids Golden Retriever

Image credits: HappyHideaway

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