67 Incredible Gardening Pics

There are two things that you have to know about me. First of all, I am a huge fan of nature and I utterly love wildlife. And secondly… I am a truly terrible gardener. Frankly, just awful. If I were born a Hobbit, I’d have been kicked out of the Shire to wander the lonely trails of Middle Earth long, long ago. However, I hope to get better.

One of the most inspiring places online for gardeners everywhere, both amateur and veteran alike, is the r/gardening subreddit. It’s a community that has sunk its roots deep into the internet, having grown to nearly 4 million members since being planted all the way back in the spring of 2008.

We’ve collected some of the most impressive photos from gardens, as shared by the friendly folks of r/gardening, all to make you smile and inspire you to give gardening a shot as well, dear Pandas. These pics would make any Hobbit proud, that’s for sure. Be sure to pick out your fave photos and give them an upvote as you’re climbing down this long vine of a list. Oh, and if you’ve got a green thumb (or two!), you can tell us all about your love of gardening in the comments.

Bored Panda reached out to the moderators of r/gardening to learn a bit more about the community and its popularity. One of them, with over a decade of experience moderating the subreddit, had some great news for those of us who have trouble with plants. “There is no such thing as a green thumb or a black thumb. Anybody can grow plants. Just a little bit of attention paid will yield results,” they said that everyone is fully capable of becoming a gardener. And the subreddit is there to help in case you need it.

#1 A Local Gardener And Her Massive Rhododendron!

credits: kentuckycc

The moderator, who preferred to remain anonymous, was kind enough to share with Bored Panda how they first got started helping manage the community. “I started modding on /r/gardening after I asked the [head] moderator (u/moultano) about a post not appearing or something, and he offered me a moderator position,” they opened up about how the founder of the online group got them involved further.

At the time, more than a decade ago, the subreddit was but a seedling, having around 50k members. “We’ve had a constant stream of great contributors, along with dedicated moderators over the years, which has served the sub well,” the mod praised their colleagues and community members.

According to the moderator, the vast popularity of r/gardening is all down to the wholesome members of the online community. The mod was very humble and said that the huge number of subscribers isn’t their achievement, “it’s the good nature of the gardening community that makes people sub and stick around.”