30 Most Beautiful Bird Photography

We have added most beautiful bird photos and bird photography tips for beginners. Bird photography is one of the most popular genres of nature and wildlife photography. This should come as no surprise since birding is one of the world’s most popular pastimes! Bird photography is also a very challenging endeavor, requiring specialized skills and equipment – one does not simply pick up the camera used for family vacation photos and capture compelling avian images. On the same token, having the best possible photographic gear for the task does not ensure success either. It seems the most successful bird photographers are not only skilled photographic technicians, but also have a thorough understanding of avian behavior and habitat. Most importantly, they all have a deep love and appreciation for their subjects. Here we have included most beautiful bird photos for your inspiration.

February of 2015. No drone and not photoshopped. I duct taped my IPhone 5 to my kitchen window. I replaced the glass pane with plexiglass and cut a small hole for the lens for a clear view. I placed a basket of sunflower seeds outside, underneath the windowsill. I attached a small tree branch over the seeds for the birds to perch on.
For weeks, I activated the burst mode of my camera with a remote, Bluetooth synced button, from inside as birds would fly in and out of my Aerial Diner. Then, I sifted through 10s of thousands of photo images like panning for gold.
Many bad pics.
Very few good pics.
Extremely rare great pics.
Only one perfect one.
This one.