Best Waist Tattoos for Girls

A tattoo on the hip is something that is sought after by many women. This is because a tattoo on the hip is not only intensely personal and mysterious but is also sexy and beautiful. With hip tattoo designs there are many that are considered to be apt. What is more the hip area is big enough that you can get a tattoo of a fair size which allows you to pick up a relatively large tattoo design if you so desire.

Let us look at some positive and negative aspects of hop tattoos so that you have enough information to make a smart choice with regard to the tattoo you plan to get.

Each location for tattoo comes with its own set of pros and cons when you assess them against other parts of the body. This applies to hip tattoos too. You have hip tattoo for women which are pretty cute, sexy, intensely personal and some are mysterious too. Most people are of the belief that the hip consists of the outer area of the hip which is not correct. In fact, the hip area is pretty big enabling you to get a bigger tattoo if you want. The tattoos on hips can be extended right up to the back. Some women do this and also on the outer hip for the visibility when they wear a low cut jeans or a skirt or a pair of shorts.

Going for a lower lying hip tattoo would mean that you only get limited opportunities to show the tattoo off. In case you want the tattoo to be viewed by special people during intimate moments then this is the way to go. Sometimes women get a hip tattoo not because of any of these considerations but just because they want one.

The thing about a upper hip tattoo is that it can be displayed or covered up as per your wish. Most people get a tattoo to show it off but there may come a situation where covering your tattoo up would be prudent. Some hip tattoo designs can be made to move on to the back, the legs, the groin and the side/

Most sought after hip tattoo designs: These include a lot of varied elements and you have plenty of symbols and designs that you can look through and pick out. The thing about tattoo designs for the hip is that most designs can fit this area. Since hip tattoos are so popular with the female gender, the design elements also tend to be those that are popular with women.  Here is a list of some the most sought after symbols that women use in tattoos that can also be used for the hip tattoo: