Fischer's Lovebirds (Agapornis fischeri)

Fischer’s lovebirds can be distinguished by their bright, rainbow colored plumage. They have a red beak and an orange and red face, with an olive color on the rest of the head. They have a yellow neck, green chest and back, with blue or purple feathers highlighting the tail, and white rings around their eyes. Their beautiful appearance explains why they have been so popular in the pet trade.

Species Specifics
Fischer’s lovebirds get their name from the strong, lifelong bond they share with their mate.

Physical Characteristics
Like most parrots, Fischer’s lovebirds have zygodactyl feet, which help them to grip onto branches.

Dry woodland, scrubland, and savanna, 1100-2000 feet in elevation. They are also frequently found in agricultural areas. Fischer’s lovebirds are heavy drinkers, and must live near a source of water.