I Photographed Birds From The Side And The Front

Frontals is a series of bird photos I have been collecting for over ten years. When you get the time to take a series of pictures of one single bird, you will always have one or two frontals in between. I realized from the start that they made the birds look completely different. From that moment on, I decided to focus on it and make sure I would have at least one frontal in each series. Some birds start to look like angry birds, some funny or even ridiculous.

Especially waders change completely as they tend to have long bills not visible from the front. I am familiar with the species, but when you don’t know them, frontals can hide extreme characteristics of the birds. In owls and birds of prey, frontals are basically the normal way of looking at you, so they are only fun when they twist their heads. I think only spoonbills are really much prettier when they show their great bill with yellow spots and tufted head.

Frontals also allow you to create unusual compositions, from a photographic point of view. “Less is more” works great with frontal birds.

Enjoy the pictures and I think after seeing the frontals, you can never look at birds in the same way again!

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#1 Short-Eared Owl