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Isolated Houses of Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands are a sovereign state operating under the rule of Denmark since 1946. It is one of the smallest countries in the world with a population of 50,000. Most of the population live in isolated houses on different 18 islands of that make up the country.

isolated houses of the island

These remote and isolated houses have become quite famous in the recent years and a popular reason for anyone who want to visit the Faroe Islands. Furthermore, most of the houses in the islands are painted black. This is both a tradition and a practicality for the islanders.

black isolated houses

The reason why the isolated houses of Faroe Islands are mostly painted black is that nearly a thousand year ago the islanders of the time covered their houses with tar. The tar helped people keep their homes warm against the harsh climate of the islands. While today more modern heating systems are in place, the islanders continue to paint their houses black as a tradition.

isolated houses and the boats

The first settlers on the Faroe Islands were Vikings who arrived in the 9th century. The name comes from farei in Old Norse dialect which means livestock or sheep.

remote community on the island

The most isolated houses in the Faroe Islands are located on the islands that are on the north, south, west and east. The houses below are in the village Mikladalur of Kalsoy island. Despite being the fourth biggest village in Kalsoy, Mikladalur has a population of 27. Aside from its isolated houses, the village is famour for its folk legend: the Selkie.

isolated houses on the grass field

The village below is Signabøur on the island of Streymoy. The population of the village is 133. One of the most interesting thing about Signabøur is that in the beginning of the 20th century, a company tried to start a whaling operation. The operation only lasted for 9 years as one of the four boats were sunk by a wounded whale.

faroe island buildings

One of the isolated houses of the village Søldarfjørður on the island of Eysturoy.

faroe fog and a little cottage

Founded in 1845, this is the village of Stykket in the Streymoy island. The population of the village is only 42 people. While the black painted houses are still visible on the village, other colors exist too as there are motels for tourists in the area.

a black cottage in the grass field
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