‘It’s Called FaSHEIN Sweaty’: 30 Fashion Fails

In 2024, the ongoing issue of excess in the capitalist landscape remains prevalent, notably exemplified by the persistence of fast fashion. Despite growing awareness and the influence of sustainable fashion advocates, the allure of platforms like SHEIN persists, overshadowing the efforts of eco-conscious bloggers on YouTube and TikTok.

You might wonder: “Why do brands such as SHEIN and AliExpress continue to thrive?” It seems their primary role is to cater to enthusiasts who revel in sharing their fashion hauls on social media. A Facebook page called “It’s Called FaSHEIN Sweaty” has emerged, dedicated to showcasing both the absurd and amusing discoveries from various fast fashion sites. The page boldly declares, “We are just here to shame clothes!” Someone needs to, considering that some of these fashion choices could definitely use a second opinion.

#1 Please Place Your Vajooter Completely Inside The Wedgie Strap