Miley Cyrus's 25 Wildest Outfits of All Time

Miley Cyrus is easily one of our all-time favorite celebs. Why? She's an original crusader for body positivity, an outspoken LGBTQA activist, and she has an undeniably killer set of pipes. Oh, and did we mention her (literally) out-of-this-world style? In honor of her 24th birthday, we've rounded up her most impressive outfits. Here are the ones that stunned, shocked, and entertained the world—or at the very least, us. Happy birthday, Miley!

Pop Art Princess
Miley made for one of the most memorable MTV VMA hosts of all time—and her outfits were a big part of that. This Simone Harouche look consisted of nothing more than a few plastic circles and a pair of PVC boots. 10/10!