Photographer Captures ‘Unfiltered’ Reality Of Russia (72 Pics)

Russian photographer, journalist, and social worker Dmitry Markov is known for his gritty images in which he depicts the macabre peculiarities of Russian life, mostly of those that are less well-off. The photographer explains that the reason why he’s drawn to the “ugly side of life” is because he considers himself to be a part of it. Half of the people he photographs he knows personally, and it shows since his photos always have an element of intimacy.

Born in Pushkin and currently residing in Pskov, the author has worked as a social worker focusing on youth problems and has been volunteering at an orphanage for 7 years, where he began to amass his body of work. But unfortunately, his camera got stolen there, and he decided to switch to something more comfortable, so he started using an iPhone. He says he doesn’t care about the quality, and if he could, he’d sketch everything by hand.

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