Photographer Roy Iwasaki Captured Dreamy-Looking Photos Of Trees In Hokkaido, Japan

Japanese photographer Roy Iwasaki captured dreamy-looking photos of trees from his hometown Hokkaido, Japan. “I love to photograph trees, especially ones in my hometown of Hokkaido (Japan). When I see a single tree standing in the middle of a vast snowfield in winter, it is like looking at a work of art created by nature. Especially these days, when I see a tree, I am always thinking about how to express the beauty of the tree. Trees are important to many different creatures.”

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#1 “Safe Haven For Ezo Red Fox”
Ten years ago, while driving through the picturesque countryside of my birthplace, Shibetsu City, I stumbled upon a scene so beautiful that I was compelled to capture it on film. It was a tree standing tall and proud in a vast snowfield, illuminated by the warm glow of the setting sun. This moment ignited a passion within me for photographing trees, particularly those in my hometown of Hokkaido, Japan.