Striking Photos of Zorses Capture the Very Real Yet Rare Hybrid of a Zebra and Horse

Did you know there are animal hybrids that sound fake, but are, in fact, real? A zorse, aka a cross between a zebra and horse, is really a living creature that walks this Earth. They are the offspring of a zebra stallion and a horse mare with the most defining characteristic of the zebra parent. A zorse has the stripes you'd find on zebra with a physicality that resembles its mother.

A zebra's stripes are often limited in its hybrid offspring. The colored bands do not cover the whole body, and instead, they are mostly confined to the legs, part of the backside, or the neck. This doesn’t make the rare zorse any less striking, however, and the subtlety of the stripes will make you do a double take.

Did you know that zebras and horses can have offspring called a zorse?