The 40 Most Insane Wedding Dresses

The wedding clothes and rituals make the wedding memorable for the bride and her groom. Both look their splendid best in gorgeous outfits. A bridal gown or wedding saree is the dress used by the bride during a wedding celebration. The style, color, and ceremonial importance of the dress can depend on the religion, formalities, and culture of the wedding participants. In India, most of the brides prefer Lehenga and Gagra Choli as bridal dresses. Sometimes this bridal dress can be designed funnily to make more interesting of the function. These wedding dresses are also customized, depending on length, size, off-the-shoulder, etc. The colour of the dress at the wedding plays an essential role. Here are some of the funny and entertaining wedding dresses where the brides have gone beyond their wildest imaginations to make their wedding memorable....

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