The Kakapo also known as The Owl Parrot, is the only non-flying member of it's species alive today.

The kakapo (KAH-ke-poh) is one of the world’s most ancient bird species, having inhabited New Zealand for millions of years. Unlike many species when humans arrived, this unique creature was thought to be doomed for extinction.

The kakapo is an avian oddity! It is the world’s only flightless and nocturnal parrot: a waddling, ground-bound bird weighing up to nine pounds. Their wings are used for balance and support rather than flapping. They have softer feathers than those of other birds, as they do not need to be strong and stiff to support flight. With a reported lifespan of up to 100 years, the Kakapo is possibly the world’s longest-living bird.

The kakapo’s uniqueness doesn’t end there, their appearance also sets them apart. Adults possess a distinct facial build with owl-style forward facing eyes, and discs of specially textured feathers complete with whiskers and a large grey beak. They have short legs with large blue feet that are strong, making them excellent hikers and climbers, using their wings to help “parachute” back down to the forest floor. This combination of traits that make them extremely distinct among parrots.