The World’s 20 Most Beautiful Natural Swimming Pools

What’s a natural swimming pool? It’s like this – a natural swimming pool is a body of water, all blue and sparkling in the sun, wrought entirely by nature, waiting for brave humans to jump in for a swim. Such pools could be deadly dangerous, deep as the ocean or black as coal at its depths, but as long as one is able to go for a swim in it, it’s good to go. We’re therefore lucky that our wonderful world is strewn with not one, not two but thousands of beyond-beautiful, gloriously blue and green, absolutely 

irresistible natural swimming pools

 that are quite safe. So let’s dive in and check the waters out!

1. Devil’s Pool, Victoria Falls, Zambia
Victoria Falls is the world’s largest waterfall, but right at the top, just a few feet away from the gushing, is a dangerous waterfall and a swimming hole. It’s one of the most natural pools in the world, but it’s called Devil’s Pool for nothing! If you’re brave enough to jump into this pool despite the danger, you’re something else. With a staggering twice the height of Niagara Falls, Victoria Falls is overall 355 feet tall and more than 5500 feet wide. Devil’s Pool is best to visit from September to December when the water levels are at their lowest, offering an area with a low current that is mere feet from where the water slides hundreds of feet down. It is wild, dangerous, and crazy yet worthwhile to enjoy such a serene beauty.