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10 July 2024 ( 24 views )

This Gecko Can’t Stop Smiling When He’s Around His Toy Gecko

We all know the feeling that we get when we make a new friend. We feel as if it is one of the greatest things in the world. It is as if no one could ever separate you and your friend. Kohaku is a gecko living in Japan. He became an internet celebrity after photographs of his happy reaction to getting a toy gecko went viral.

The toy appears as a mini version of himself and it is not clear whether the creature understood that his new buddy was not real. However, it did not change the fact that they were now good friends. People from around the world are in love with this gecko’s adorable reactions. The two buddies cuddle as well as play together.

Image Credit & More Info; kohaku

Though his friend is only a plastic toy, Kohaku does not appear to accept this bitter truth. To him, the toy is more than that. This adorable gecko has thousands of followers on his Instagram account. Kohaku became famous on social media after a Twitter user named Taylor shared some pictures of this cute little gecko and his toy gecko friend.

The toy gecko named Chinmari was discovered in a vending machine in Japan. This toy is the perfect buddy given that leopard geckos are known to be very territorial and usually fight when they live within the same enclosure. Two geckos belonging to different sexes being contained together also leads to numerous problems. Thus, Chinmari is ideal for the position of Kohaku’s best friend. The gecko is able to lead a safe and healthy life along with his friend.

Kohaku and Chinmari have a fan base consisting of people from all around the world and they are more than happy with their newfound fame. Kohaku loves posing for pictures with a grin on his tiny face, his tongue sticking out, and even with a wink for his fans to see. Leopard geckos can be seen possessing various patterns, colors, and sizes, and what is interesting is that they are great pets.

These creatures are able to vocalize and wash their eyes with their tongue. Some people even believe that Kohaku looks similar to a friendly mini-dinosaur. Do you have a friendship similar to the one between Kohaku and Chinmari, where you accept one another no matter what?

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