Here Are 31 Finalists Of This Year’s Bird Photographer Of The Year Contest

Everyone that’s been into photography knows that bird photos are probably the hardest to capture. It’s one thing to just take a shot, but another to make an excellent photo. The photographers take countless hours to set up their shots, sneak and crawl in complete stealth and wait patiently for days on end with their extremely expensive gear. So it’s no surprise that people that dedicate their time to avian photography should get the credit they deserve.

The Bird Photographer Of The Year Awards are the one of the most prestigious awards of avian photography. They have selected 31 finalists for their competition from over 20,000 entries. It’s safe to say that these finalists are the cream of the crop of 2021 bird photography. So, without further ado, let’s see what beautiful moments and views they’ve managed to capture.

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#1 Mute Swan By Andy Parkinson
Over the years, I have developed a bond of trust with a group of mute swans and on this occasion, it paid dividends. This trusting relationship allowed me to capture this most intimate perspective: an infant cygnet resting its head peacefully on its sleeping mother. The female swan trusted me implicitly to stand this close and my accepted presence caused her not the slightest concern.