Transparent Juvenile Surgeonfish

A. olivaceus juveniles were raised from eggs collected above reef bottom in 40–60 feet of water along Oahu’s south shore in September, 2018. Initially, the larvae were grown in a static 20-gallon tank system (77–79F, 16:8 photoperiod) together with a mix of species, predominantly redlip parrotfish (Scarus rubroviolaceus) and Hawaiian flagtails (Kuhlia xenura). The tank was flushed through a filtration system periodically, starting on day 17. The fish were offered Parvocalanus sp. from day 3–40, Artemia sp. from day 37–104, Otohime pellets from day 35–157, and nori and grated shrimp/scallops from day 104–157. They were moved to a 55-gallon-barrel juvenile grow-out system on day 103. Juveniles were donated to the Waikiki Aquarium on day 157.