64 Rare Historical Photos

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Plus, we have shots of a shirtless Sonny Bono, Goldie Hawn hawking wine, and little Bill Gates in 8th grade. We hope you've rested your eyes - because we got photos to amaze! Onward! 
Kelly LeBrock in the movie, "Weird Science" (1985)
Source: Reddit
Weird Science is one of the very first computer geek movies - and is a great John Hughes flick. Plus, it has that great theme song composed by the band Oingo-Biongo - who is fronted by Danny Elfman, who went on to become a TV and movie theme composer most notably known for the theme to The Simpsons.

The 1985 film starred Anthony Michael Hall and Ilan Mitchell-Smith - who created their ultimate dream girl in the guise of Kelly LeBrock. Hall passed on being in National Lampoon's European Vacation to star in Weird Science. Do blame him? The fourteen-year old at the time got a kissing scene with LeBrock.