Waddles the Disabled Duck Walks for the First Time on His 3D-Printed Prosthetic Leg

Amputations also occur in animals as much as they do in humans. Some cases develop as early as at birth while others are a result of an injury or a disease. From dogs, cats, birds, and even turtles, we’ve seen how disabled animals have benefited from prosthetic implants. Waddles the Duck is among the latest creatures to receive a second chance at life as he learns to walk with his new 3D printed prosthetic duck leg.

Earlier this year, Waddles’ story was featured in the reality show The Wizard of Paws which stars Derrick Campana, a certified pet prosthetist. Campana is also the founder of Bionic Pets, a company that specializes in creating custom pet prosthetics and bracing. The show aims to give injured and disabled animals a chance to regain their mobility through custom-made prosthetics. To date, they have helped over 25,000 animals, including cats, dogs, ducks, elephants, goats, horses, and more.