The 10 Most Unbelievable Places That Really Exist

There are places in the world that are so incredible it's hard to believe they really exist. Some of these are so enchanting they seem like they could only exist in fairytale books and fantasies, while others are bizarre, exotic, and even horrifying. As otherworldly as the places on this list may seem, they all have one thing in common—they are 100% real.

This article will show you that mystical and magical places exist in real life, and you can see them with your own eyes!

This magical place is found in Kleven, Ukraine. It is a 1.8-mile-long tunnel of luscious green leaves that looks like something straight out of a dream or a movie. This tunnel is actually a passageway for a private train that delivers wood to a local factory three times a day (so be careful when taking your Instagram photos!). The tunnel was made many years ago, and the regular passage of the train has shaped and molded the tree lines at the edges. This natural architecture shows how beautiful it can be when mother nature is allowed to grow freely on and around a man-made structure.

The Tunnel of Love is one of Ukraine's most popular tourist destinations. It is believed to have a magical influence, especially on lovers. It is said that if lovers are true to their feelings, the Tunnel of Love can grant their wishes making it a favorite spot for wedding photography.