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82 Funny, Adorable, And Weird Mugs

If you are right-handed, glance to your right, and vice versa if you are left-handed. If you are a true ambivert, congratulations. Anyway, there is a pretty good chance that on either side, there is going to be a mug. Coffee, tea, perhaps just water, it does not matter, we humans love a good, sturdy vessel to drink from.

#1 Mermaid Tail Grip, Beautiful Design. I Think It’s Original And Comfortable To Hold, That’s Very Important In Cups!

Image credits: kali_strengthhhh

#2 This Mornings Mug – With This Big Mug I’ll Probably Have A Good Day And I Wish You All One Too!

Image credits: thewinberry713

#3 A Mug I Made For Myself

Image credits: Rushsculpture

Mugs are one of those items that we tend to just have way more of than necessary. Realistically, you will never be drinking from more than one mug at a time, yet true mug aficionados could probably use a different one each day of the week without breaking a sweat. Like t-shirts, the design is simple, but the possibilities are endless when it comes to colors, designs, and even shapes.

Of course, the true sign of a mug fanatic is the steady escalation in size, as some people wield mugs large enough to become a deadly weapon and deep enough to fit an entire pot of coffee. While there is little academic literature on this, one wonders if there is a sort of dominance display happening when two mug fanatics work in the same office. 

#4 Thursday Kitty Kat Vibes

Image credits: xbeeg_chungusx

#5 Couple Favorites I Made

Image credits: dylanpotteryreddit

#6 Bad News, My Shelf Broke And All Of My Mugs Shattered. Good News, It Gave Me An Excuse To Order This Beauty

Image credits: mayonut_spoonsies

These days, custom designs, just like the aforementioned t-shirts, can be made and ordered in print shops or online. While there is less control over the shape and materials, people now can have almost anything they want to be put on a mug, which turns this drinking item into a vessel and display piece of a person’s creativity. 

#7 What Will The Jungle Explorer Be Looking For? A New Life For Sure

Image credits: NashoQliao

#8 Recent Tj Max Purchase

Image credits: New_Temporary7702

#9 A Birthday Gift From My Friend

Image credits: KitchenSwillForPigs

Part of the ubiquity of mugs also comes from the fact that they are great gifts, particularly for smaller events or if one does not know the recipient that well. Prices have a decent range to them, you know the item will be useful, and it’s often on display, so one doesn’t have to feel like the gift was received, then discarded. Plus, you can very easily add some personalization, like the aforementioned print or design to make it stand out from the millions of other factory-identical mugs. 

#10 Found At An Asian Grocery Store Near Me

Image credits: damechou

#11 A Little Corn Mug I Made For A Mug Collection Called Pudgy Pals

Image credits: reddit.com

#12 New Fav Mug

Image credits: FatRollingIRL

There are also people who take their obsessions a bit too seriously. Charles Hubbell was a Tennessee man who accumulated almost 30 ‘000 mugs in a pretty unique collection before he passed away in 2019. Hopefully, his collection was preserved after his passing, but at the very least, one could probably build an entire house just from the materials required to manufacture and paint 30 ‘000 mugs. 

#13 Ceramic Winter Mug

Image credits: General_02

#14 Double Cup Template For The Valentine’s Day

Image credits: MostExplanation9889

#15 Mom Gave Me This Mug As A Early Valentine’s Day Gift

Image credits: ChoRandom

Setting aside the modern office or tea parlor, the mug design is one of those truly ancient things we still use today. Clay mugs, made by early potters, date back to between 6000 and 3000 BCE, while there is some indication that the first wooden mugs were even older. After all, we’ve needed to drink things since forever, and scooping up water with one’s hands seems downright annoying. 

#16 He Punch

Image credits: Remove_652

#17 I Wonder What Colors This Porcelain Cup Is Compounded By?

Image credits: Solid_Pianist6394

#18 My New Mug From Etsy Is So Cute!

Image credits: pinkspaceship17

Early clay mugs suffered from how thick the vessel’s walls had to be, so only people with larger mouths could use them without discomfort. Mugs better suited to our actual bodies came about with early metalworking techniques in about 2000 BCE, when gold, silver, bronze, and even lead were used. It’s a good indication of how important a good mug is, that the first metals were used to make them. 

#19 My Favorite Mug , It’s A Little Heavy But I Love It

Image credits: ButterscotchSea9717

#20 Found This Sweetheart At A Local Shop

Image credits: animavivere

#21 I’m Completely In Love With This Slanted Mug I’m Borrowing At A Ski Chalet

Image credits: -_ILoveBread_-

These days, the full force of our creativity and scientific knowledge is used to make cutting-edge mugs. From fuddling cups that limit spillage, to mugs that change color or reveal images when heated, we are positively spoiled when it comes to options. Never before have there been so many materials, shapes, and colors to choose from, which possibly explains why everyone has at least a few, different mugs. 

#22 Thought I’d Show Off My Collection So Far

Image credits: Auburn35

#23 I Got The Mug For Christmas!

Image credits: Nemesys2005

#24 My Newest Mug – A Christmas Gift From A Friend!

Image credits: CarliKnits

In fact, people have so many mugs, that we have even had to innovate storage methods. The mug tree is one example, which is great on ships, as long as the base is well secured to the floor, while others will instead present their collection as a visual display, mounted and behind glass. But for most of us, the everyday cupboard is enough. 

#25 Some Mugs I Made That Are Inspired By Stained Glass Window Art

Image credits: tobtal

#26 United States Of Chickens

Image credits: Jukulelelia

#27 Couldn’t Not Pick This Up At The Charity Shop Today

Image credits: Sleepy_Man90

Some might start to question the form of the mug, as it’s not that different from a cup or glass. The simple way to tell them apart is to focus on the handle. Mugs, traditionally, carry very cold or quite hot beverages, which, naturally, change the temperature of the item’s walls. A handle allows for it to be handled, no pun intended, without discomfort to the user’s hand, similarly, no pun intended. 

#28 Good Morning, Just Joining

My fiancé and I go to a lot of estate sales and we got this at one a while back. I’m currently 36 and being sterilized in the fall, so this is one of my favorite mugs. Hope y’all think it’s as funny as we do. Look forward to sharing more of our funds in the futur

Image credits: sourwaterbug

#29 Work “Muglife!”

Image credits: Ya-Bloody-Pelican

#30 I Used To Think I Had A Problem, Then I Found This Sub. I Still Think I Have A Problem. (Xmas Themed And Others Are In Other Cabinets)

Image credits: EightDownFromSix

These days, we have the technology to limit heat or cold, but most people still feel comfortable with the classic, flat-based, handled mug. Why fix what isn’t broken? These tend to have flat walls, that make it easy to display images and texts with a bit of personal flair. And if you want to see other interesting mugs, look no further, Bored Panda has got you covered, you can find our other collections herehere, and here

#31 Finally, A Cat That Doesn’t Wake You Up Until You’re Ready

Image credits: Desvelo

#32 I Saw On Facebook, Wish It Was Mine

Image credits: sdkimmy

#33 Spring Finds

Image credits: tangerinebilly757

#34 Finally Have Something Cute Enough To Post! Infuser Mug

Image credits: R_lamar199721

#35 Thrifted Musical Mug

Image credits: underthesea9393

#36 Herculade

Image credits: BukharaSinjin

#37 Purplicious Mugs

Image credits: bgsbazaar

#38 Got This From A Former Neighbour

Image credits: Mrs_Ollivander

#39 Smoking Kills, Y’all

Image credits: emhoag

#40 I Still Can’t Believe I Made This Mug

Image credits: stephanroo

#41 So Excited About My Ds9 Mug Find!

Image credits: Boniferous

#42 I Don’t Usually Keep My Own Mugs, But I Really Loved This Cozy Bear

Image credits: mad-ruckus

#43 My Cacti Friend Told Me About This Sub (Which Is So Cool Btw) And That You Guys Would Like My Mug!

Image credits: Ron_dogg

#44 As A Denim Enthusiast, This Thrift Find May Just Be My New Favorite Mug. (Or Should I Say… Jug?)

Image credits: SethJarvis

#45 The Images Didn’t Upload Properly The First Time I Tried Posting This, But Look At My New Mug!! It Was Made By Horacio Casillas

Image credits: hyahyena

#46 I Have A Very Talented Friend Who Does Incredible Things Like This, What Do You Think?

Image credits: mistressrstorm

#47 One Of My Newest Mugs. Drippy Beavis And Butthead

Image credits: ConcertOld657

#48 Amazing Art. What Do You Imagine When You See These Cups?

Image credits: kali_strengthhhh

#49 Got This Mug For Christmas And It Instantly Became A Favorite

Image credits: cosmeticcrazy

#50 Dollar Store Find!!!! This Mug Sums Me Up Pretty Good. I’m A Cancer Zodiac, And I Reeeeally Don’t Do Mornings Well

Image credits: Gothwitchgoblincrow7

#51 This Mug Is My Spirit Animal

Image credits: insertnamehere02

#52 New Starbucks Animal Mugs Here In Manila

Image credits: Enough-Feed-3153

#53 I’m Slowly Building My Novelty Mug Collection

Image credits: baileythekiller

#54 I Regret Not Buying This. I’m Trying To Downsize My Mug Collection Though

Image credits: that1chikk

#55 Best Gift Ever

Image credits: brokenphoneSimon

#56 Just Got A New One For Spring Mood Boosting

Image credits: Much-Jellyfish6155

#57 Obsessed With The Irregular Pottery Style Of This Mug And Saucer Set

Image credits: wifiwonderlex

#58 Nothing Super Special, But It Spoke To Me And I Had To Get It

Image credits: toryst0ry93

#59 Snagged My Daughter’s Mug Today

Image credits: audioear

#60 When A Friend Sends You The Purfect Mug

Image credits: Whenitrainsitpours86

#61 One Of My Favorite Mugs

Image credits: Gothwitchgoblincrow7

#62 My Mug From The Monet House & Gardens In France

Image credits: GrandmasNickname

#63 Got This For 25cents At A Garage Sale, 10 Years Ago. Still One Of My Favorites

Image credits: CantSleepKaitlyn

#64 My Vintage Octagonal Brutalist Mug I Thrifted

Image credits: Kradominos

#65 Picked Up This Beauty From Facebook Marketplace Today!

Image credits: neart_roimh_laige

#66 Found A Great Mug For Myself

Image credits: Rothar13

#67 I Didn’t Know This Sub Existed Until Today. Here’s My Current Favorite!!

Image credits: SolaCretia

#68 My Daily Reminder Mug

Image credits: QuilterinaTina42

#69 Mug Cat Fortune

Image credits: blackyshine

#70 Cryptid Coffee

Image credits: justacoolbaby

#71 My Collection. I Just Got Rid Of 10 Mugs After Christmas…it Didn’t Help

Image credits: foxleaf

#72 My Latte Came With Daisies From Germany This Morning

Image credits: Desvelo

#73 Can’t Believe I Found A Set Of 8 Anchor Hocking Glass Mugs For $4.50 At My Local Thrift!!

Image credits: Exhaustedjules

#74 Beaster Bunny

Image credits: Formal-Front1633

#75 Starbucks Been Here Series Mugs

Image credits: donothroway

#76 My ‘Mushroom Dude’ Design I Had Put Onto A Mug ☕️?

Image credits: ConcertOld657

#77 A Very Little Mug, Tell Me What You Think?

Image credits: Rushsculpture

#78 This Is Now The Best Thing I’ve Ever Owned

Image credits: underthesea9393

#79 Cawfee

Image credits: fvck_u_anth0ny

#80 My Husband Proposed To Me On Our Nashville & Memphis Trip, And Surprised Me Yesterday With This Little Find!

Image credits: spacedustlette

#81 Found My New Favorite Mug Today

Image credits: katekim717

#82 As A Collector I Always Try To Buy At Least Two For My Collection. Sometimes I Buy More. Space Pizza Cat 200 Produced. Deneen Pottery/Scotty Russell Illustrator Series

Image credits: Formal-Front1633

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