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Vintage Fashion: 141 Of The Best Vintage Clothing Finds Shared In This Online Group

Could one truly claim to have lived if they never experienced the thrill of finding a vintage treasure for a low low price? While sure, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, its expanding popularity fostered a new community of vintage enthusiasts who showcase their discoveries, and we are here for it!

From cute vintage dresses to fashionable accessories, we have collected a list of the most amazing vintage finds that are not only in perfect condition but also look way more fashionable than our regular clothes these days. Have you ever found something particularly memorable you have and treasure to this day? Share it in the comments down below!

#1 Used A Vintage Gunne Sax For My Halloween Look This Year

Image credits: Cuntsuela

#2 I Got A Wedding Dress From 1924 From An Estate Sale And I’m In Love

Image credits: sammiraeart

#3 I Found This Amazing Vintage Dress For Only $6.99 At My Local Thrift Store!

Image credits: littlebabyfruitbat

#4 My 1940s Red Cross Uniform + Nurses Cape!

Image credits: barbiedolldress

#5 Thrifted 1980’s Wedding Dress I Thought To Share Here 🙂

Image credits: Sunny-FlowerBoi

#6 Has Anyone Ever Seen An Evening Bag Like This Before?

Image credits: localhemul

#7 Everything Is Vintage Except The Boots. Still On The Hunt For A Yellow Purse But We Make Do With What We Have ?

Image credits: Im_actually_satan

#8 The 50s Style Dress I Made For My Final Homecoming!

Image credits: barbiedolldress

#9 Bought These Gorgeous 70’s Frye Boots Off Depop Recently And They Frame My Tattoos So Nicely

Image credits: HoneyyBadgers

#10 This Is My Vintage Beaded Wedding Gown! Circa 1960’s, I Bought It For $800 Three Years Ago After Spotting It In A Thrift Shop Window. It’s Made Entirely Of Crystals, Weighs About 15lbs & I Was Told It Belonged To A “Canadian Celebrity”. Very Stoked To Finally Marry My Person In It This Fall ❤️

Image credits: Travellingtrex

#11 Vintage 70s Satin Disco Bell Bottom Set

Image credits: throwawayelmao

#12 Found This Beautiful Blue Vintage Wedding Dress At A Local Thrift Shop

Image credits: Delindlin

#13 Fabulous Find: A 70s Giorgio Di Sant’angelo

Image credits: Roycerose2000

#14 Polish Collector Here, These Are My Still Usable 1951 Dura-Gloss Shell Pastels And The Accompanying Ad I Have. Swatches Are Two Coats With No Top Coat ?

Image credits: okeydokeyop

#15 My Coworker Told Me That I Remind Her Of An Old Lady But In A Good Way

Image credits: Atomic-Angel

#16 What Does Anyone Think Of This

Image credits: Civil_Sprinkles_6761

#17 Vintage Evening Dress, Spring/Summer 1944

Image credits: Milly197

#18 I Finally Learned How To Tie My Hair Scarf Like The Factory Women Of Wwii!

Image credits: Atomic-Angel

#19 Did A Princess Diana Inspired Outfit To Take Pictures Of Me And My Puppy/Kitten

Image credits: GarbageMajestic7481

#20 I Can’t Pick A Decade, I Just Kinda Mix And Match Until It Feels Right

Image credits: tareqdaqtyl

#21 1950s Jewelry And Ad. The Necklace Is My Favorite

Image credits: Excellent_Error_4755

#22 I’m A Sucker For Stripes

Image credits: velevetsupernova

#23 Got This 70s Suit Off Etsy

Image credits: 70s_sam

#24 My 1950s Inspired Swim Set!

Image credits: barbiedolldress

#25 A Vintage “Starry Night” Costume, 1926

Image credits: Milly197

#26 I Love This Community! Okay Here’s Another 70s Bell Bottom Jumpsuit. It’s Nice To Share Pieces Here With People Who Appreciate Vintage!

Image credits: throwawayelmao

#27 Another Piece From My Vintage Collection! 1960’s Cotton Gingham Dress With Unique Smocking Detail, Haven’t Seen Anything Quite Like It Before!

Image credits: ofthebridge

#28 My Boots Arrived

Image credits: ohsodelightful

#29 Took My Great Grandmothers 1954 Prom Dress Out To See Glenn Miller Orchestra With My Boy

Image credits: bonesbugsnferns

#30 All Vintage All Under $40

Image credits: situhaitian

#31 Feeling Very Femme And Classic In This Outfit

Image credits: Styelsy

#32 I Bought This Fabulous 60s/70s Dress And Had A Fun Photoshoot With My Friend!

Image credits: barbiedolldress

#33 Vintage Find At The Thrift Store 🙂 70’s I Think????

Image credits: insomnia_fields

#34 This Stunning German 1920s Wedding Dress Was Gifted To Me, More In The Comments!

Image credits: neervest

#35 Champagne Pink Samsonite Folding Wardrobe, Anyone Know Resell Value? Brand New, Never Used! Appears From The 60-70’s

Image credits: reddit.com

#36 Though My Girlfriend Wore A Modern Dress, I Took The Opportunity To Wear My 98 Year Old Tuxedo. I Very Much Enjoyed Finally Getting To Wear This And Getting To Do So On The Birthday Of Someone I Love So Dearly

Image credits: Cowboy-greaseball_62

#37 My Vintage Inspired Outfit For A Memorable Service

Image credits: iamthalion

#38 I Just Wanted To Say Thanks Again To All Of You Who Helped Find My Mom’s Sweater For Me, And For All Your Kind Words. It Really Meant The World To Me ?

Image credits: deaflemon

#39 Wore An Incredible Gown From The 60s Last Night

Image credits: anjschuyler

#40 My Marilyn Monroe Inspired Look For Junior Prom!

Image credits: barbiedolldress

#41 I Suffer From Depression And When I´m Down I Try To Cheer Myself Up By Wearing Nice Clothes. Today I Put On This Thrifted Outfit Just To Go And Get Some Milk. It Felt Really Good Wearing It So It Stayed On At Home As Well

Image credits: the-mindful-pipe

#42 Too Cold For This Dress But I Still Love It

Image credits: xandrachantal

#43 I Went To A Vintage Car Show!

Image credits: lotus_kitchen

#44 For Those Who Were Asking How My Grandma Kept Her 1953 Dress So Beautifully White Over The Decades… She Didn’t! I Had It Professionally Restored. Details Inside The Post!

Image credits: ChickadeeShoes

#45 Dripping In Gold 1930s Bias Cut Gown Try-On And Pics Of Inside Garment Construction

Image credits: princess_squeak

#46 Snapped This Lady At A Vintage Fair! Aren’t Those Glasses Amazing??

Image credits: Linthoughts

#47 Found This Beautiful Piece. Any Idea On Price Or Age? (Found An Identical One Sold On Depop For $175, But I Only Got This For $5!)

Image credits: Not_Fission_Chips

#48 Betty White 1948

Image credits: fun19922023

#49 Claudia Cape And Dress – Vintage 1950s Inspired Outfit

Image credits: Milly197

#50 I Just Wanted To Show Off Briefly My Outfit I Wore To Watch The Queens Funeral Down At My Local Pub

Image credits: Lincolnshire_Rocker

#51 Dior “Junon” Fall/Winter 1949/1950. One Of The Most Stunning Dresses Ever Created

Image credits: reddit.com

#52 Ever Since I Was A Kid I Loved French Provencal Skirts And I Started Collecting Them In 2019. Here Are A Few Photos Of The Ones I Got So Far

Image credits: NothingAboutSamm

#53 ❤️my Mom’s Sweater From The 70s. She’s Been Gone 18 Years

Image credits: Egress_window

#54 Cape Weather

Image credits: psychedelicvelocity

#55 My 60s 18th Birthday Party!!???

Image credits: Mochiiparadise

#56 I Was Thinking Gilded Glamour ?

Image credits: Meigei

#57 I Made This Dress Using A Vintage Pattern From 1957

Image credits: bastedseams

#58 It’s Giving 70s Vibes! ?

Image credits: Amoraloves

#59 Dressing Appropriately For The Season ??

Image credits: Meigei

#60 I Found This Vintage Wedding Dress And It Makes Me Happy Even Though I Have No Reason To Wear It!

Image credits: stephanroo

#61 A Vintage Dress By Gina Fratini , 1970’s

Image credits: Milly197

#62 1950s Inspired Outfit From When I Saw The Batman! 🙂

Image credits: barbiedolldress

#63 Why Did We Stop Dressing Like This ?

Image credits: professionalwidow04

#64 My Outfit I Wore For A Vintage Weekender Recently!

Image credits: Lincolnshire_Rocker

#65 My 1920’s Fit To Go To A Broadway Show

Image credits: Sam5559

#66 Took My Hat Off And Some Girls Said I Look Like A Hood Rich Willy Wonka ?

Image credits: situhaitian

#67 Vintage Looking Pair Of Denim Trousers I Made For Myself

Image credits: Square-Ad6692

#68 Can I Get In On The Vintage Wedding Gown Obsession?

Image credits: Less-Image-3927

#69 My Beautiful New Skirt For $10! I Was Told It Is 1950’s

Image credits: foxfoxfoxin

#70 Was Asked To Post The 70s Fashion I Was Into That I Mentioned On My Wife’s 50s Fashion Post. I Love Everything 70s, Even Though It Makes Me Look Goofy

Image credits: Sappet102

#71 Taking Out My Dinner Jacket And Tuxedo Trousers For This Saturday. What Do You Think?

Image credits: Square-Ad6692

#72 Here Is A 70s’s Dress I Sewed From A Vintage Pattern

Image credits: lemonyellowvintage

#73 A Petal Vintage Evening Dress By Charles James, 1951

Image credits: Milly197

#74 Realised I Never Posted The 70s Inspired Fit I Wore For My Dad’s Wedding

Image credits: deanjksmith

#75 I Tried To Dress Like A 1940s Librarian, Ended Up 1980s Secretary

Image credits: lavenderandme

#76 My Outfit Today For High Tea!

Image credits: reddit.com

#77 Little Vintage Academia Look Today

Image credits: pastelcancer

#78 Thrifted This Traditional Chinese Dress What Do You Think?

Image credits: mentally_fatigue

#79 I Finally Got To Wear This Beautiful 1950s Ceil Chapman Dress – Aka The Crown Jewel Of My Collection!

Image credits: forestanoire

#80 Vikki “The Back” Dougan, Nicknamed For Her Iconic, Backless Dresses And The Inspiration For Jessica Rabbit. ?

Image credits: curlygirllexi

#81 Dress From The 80s?

Image credits: nikasun

#82 Work Fit From Yesterday !

Image credits: corvoattanopng

#83 I Made These Flares With 1976 Laura Ashley Fabric And Then Made A Matching Scarf!

Image credits: Issy_Allen

#84 Massive Fan Of This Gorgeous 80’s/90’s Wool Coat I Got In A Charity Shop A Bit Ago

Image credits: HoneyyBadgers

#85 What Would You Call This Style?

Image credits: Whatsername_XX

#86 Got This 70s Inspired Dress Today For

Image credits: Issy_Allen

#87 Took A Photo Of My Friend Faith In An Antique Victorian/Edwardian Dress

Image credits: Smoltog

#88 The Vintage Gunne Sax Dress I Wore For My Wedding, It Was My Dream Dress ?

Image credits: The_Answer_Is_42__

#89 Feeling Like Alice In Wonderland In This 70s Dress ?

Image credits: danaut358

#90 Jacqueline Kennedy Wednesday Addams Core ??????

Image credits: Atomic-Angel

#91 Velvet Vintage 50s Dress (And My Cherry Pie Purse) ?

Image credits: danaut358

#92 Went To A Belle Epoque Festival… Felt Like Vintagespotting

Image credits: animavivere

#93 Who Said Pregnancy Can’t Be Glamorous? Cloaks, Folks!!! This One Is A 70s Jaeger Double Knit. And Picked Up This Stunning Fur Hat From The Local Vintage Fair!

Image credits: astridbowie

#94 In My 1950s-Inspired Coat And I Feel Like I Could Hang Out With Mrs. Maisel ?

Image credits: Meigei

#95 Me And My Boyfriend In Our 1930ish Rural German Wedding Outfits

Image credits: neervest

#96 So Far This My Favorite Vintage Dress!

Image credits: Atomic-Angel

#97 Very Vintage Look! How’d I Do?

Image credits: BritneyNYC

#98 Took The Plunge And Got A 1920s Louise Brooks Style Bob. I Have Dabbled In The Shingled Look, But Always Steward Clear Of The More Blunt Cut. I’m Having Lots Of Fun Styling It. Sorry About Flair It Seemed The Closest Fit

Image credits: ChaptainBlood

#99 My Thanksgiving Dress!

Image credits: barbiedolldress

#100 I Dress Vintage Fashion Ranging From 1890 To 1980 Every Day, Ama

Image credits: Downfeather6

#101 My Birthday Outfit ?

Image credits: Little_Lot

#102 My Grandma When She Was Still Living In Iraq (More Info In Comments)

Image credits: britta-unfiltered313

#103 Amazing Vintage Find At A Local Secondhand Store! Can’t Believe How Well It Fits, I Have No Clue How To Wear The Hat Though

Image credits: MikkitheMartian

#104 Thought I’d Share Some Photos From My Wedding Wearing My Grandma’s 1953 Wedding Gown!

Image credits: ChickadeeShoes

#105 ~a Very Vintage Valentines!?~

Image credits: Atomic-Angel

#106 Absolutely Smitten With This Wedding Gown. They Hung It In The Thrift Shop As I Was Leaving And I Snapped It Right Up For $12. (Photo Of The Back Was Altered To Hide My Tattoo, It Isn’t Discoloured.)

Image credits: SillyObjectives

#107 Time To Bring These Baddies Out

Image credits: umoaa

#108 My New Dress ♥️

Image credits: vintagefairy4

#109 Recently Found This Wedding Dress In A Thrift Store. Any Ideas On Timeframe?

Image credits: Limesharke

#110 I Made This 1950s Outfit Recently!

Image credits: barbiedolldress

#111 Found My Mom’s Homecoming Dress From 1974 In The Basement

Image credits: CriticalLabValue

#112 80s Avon Secretary Dress ?

Image credits: cerealbools

#113 Photo On The Left Of My Great Grandma In Her “Roller Skating Outfit” That She Sewed And Embroidered Herself As A Teenager. Me, On The Right, Wearing Her Same Outfit 70+ Years Later

Image credits: yoshiscrappyworld

#114 Classic Vintage

Image credits: ashbash32

#115 A Photo Of Me Taken By A Friend In 2017

Image credits: solaeclipse

#116 My 1940s Inspired Look To Match One Of My Typewriters. In This Case, A Remington Rand

Image credits: One-Attorney-8633

#117 Had Some Fun With My Vintage Suitcase Today

Image credits: RecentSprinkles5997

#118 Found This Vintage Oscar De La Renta Dress And Coat For $50 The Other Day!

Image credits: gelastIc_quInce84

#119 I’ve Been Collecting For Years But This Piece Just Won Me Over!

Image credits: Vintage_Stevie

#120 This Picture Was From The Last Tuesday! I Really Dig My Outfit, But The Florida Humidity Wasn’t Giving Me Any Mercy On My Hair

Image credits: Atomic-Angel

#121 Meanwhile,back In 1999

Image credits: themainman6

#122 Thrifted This Vintage Cheongsam/Qipao

Image credits: lotus_kitchen

#123 I Found The Most Gorgeous Vintage Dress! I Am Thinking About Cutting The Shoulder Pads Out Because I Have Quite Broad Shoulders Myself. What Do You Think? Should I Cut Them Out?

Image credits: vintagefairy4

#124 Coat Is Made In Montreal In 1974, Found At Eva D Vintage In Montreal ??️✨

Image credits: vixvenom

#125 The Thrift Gods™ Have Been Absolutely Blessing Me Lately

Image credits: littlebabyfruitbat

#126 Psychedelic Ootd

Image credits: Issy_Allen

#127 I’m Obsessed With This Set Of 50’s Jacket & Skirt! Wore It With A Vintage Rhinestone Brooch And An Avon Pendant

Image credits: forestanoire

#128 Blue Vintage Dress With Pearl Button Accent!

Image credits: BritneyNYC

#129 A Friend Turned 50 And I Attended The Party. The Dress Code Was Casual But She Told Me I Was More Than Welcome To Turn Up In One Of My “Fancy” (Her Words) 3-P Suits. I Obliged, Putting On This Linen Suit And A Vintage Fedora. I Felt A Bit Overdressed But She Loved The Outfit

Image credits: the-mindful-pipe

#130 Sometimes I Forget I Own The Most Princessy Dress Ever?

Image credits: vintagefairy4

#131 Amazing 1970s Dress In Perfect Condition! Almost Screamed When I Saw It First

Image credits: neervest

#132 I Really Should Wear This Dress More Often

Image credits: ComradeRingo

#133 Found A Canali Jacket For $8 At The Local Red Cross Charity Shop Today. I Don´t Find Stuff From Canali Very Often So I Was Really Thrilled. I Know It´s Not Fashionable At The Moment Due To The Cut But I Love It. I´ve Been Unfashionable My Whole Life So It´s Not An Issue For Me. I Like What I Like

Image credits: the-mindful-pipe

#134 Favorite Blouse I’ve Made ??✨

Image credits: uwaSoul

#135 Went All Dressed Up To Go To The Beach

Image credits: El_Krim

#136 Are The ’90s Too Far Back For Vintage Fashion….the 1790s

Image credits: pigthens

#137 It Was Made A Long Time Ago, But I Think It Was Made For Me. I Got Her Last Night At Goodwill Had To Take These Pics Today. Idgaf I’m In Love And So Happy! (Pics By Annoyed Pre-Teen)

Image credits: naptimepro

#138 I’ve Always Loved Smoking Jackets And No One Does It Like Ralph Lauren ☺️ The Maroon Velvet Is Perfect For The Spooky Season

Image credits: Meigei

#139 1940s Wedding Dress I Acquired! There Is No Wedding. I Just Didn’t Want Anyone Else To Have It

Image credits: scarymonsters4444

#140 Recently Thrifted This Dior Slip Dress. Is It Legit?

Image credits: gamjagrl

#141 My Grace Kelly Inspired Outfit From The Other Day 🙂

Image credits: barbiedolldress

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