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30 March 2024 ( 56 views )

21 Photos Of Nature Winning The Battle Against Civilization

As solid and unshakable as we think our civilization is, its grip on nature is tenuous at best. If any cracks appear in the faces of our buildings or our machines, nature is quick to move in and take over. With this in mind, here are 21 photos of places and things that nature is in the process of reclaiming.

Quite a bit of thought has been given to the idea of what Earth might look like once we’re gone. Indeed, many books and TV shows on the topic have found that nature would take our places fairly quickly. Many cities would be re-colonized within a year or two, and many of our buildings would begin crumbling soon after without human maintenance or energy sources. The Life After People series on the History Channel has a comprehensive timeline of collapses detailing when various famous landmarks of human civilization throughout the world might give way to nature.

The Old Piano Tree, California

Image credits: Crackoala

Trees Winning Against Concrete In Hong Kong

Image credits: Romain JL

Abandoned Inner City Railway In Paris

Image credits:

Bicycle Eaten by A Tree On Vashon Island, Washington

Image credits: Ethan Welty

Abandoned Shopping Mall Taken Over By Fish In Bangkok

Image credits: Jesse Rockwell

Old Abandoned Mill In Sorrento, Italy

Image credits: Jason Wallace

Abandoned Ferris Wheel

Image credits: Kyle Telechan

Vintage Automobile Graveyard, Belgium

Image credits: Rosanne de Lange

Abandoned Mining Town, Namibia

Image credits: Marsel Van Oosten

Abandoned 160-Year-Old Railway In Paris

Image credits: Pierre Folk

102-Year-Old Abandoned Ship In Sydney, Australia

Image credits: AndyBrii

Tree Roots Overcoming Brick Sidewalk

Image credits: worldbeyondyourown

Image credits: Wei-Feng Xue

Abandoned Mansion Near Kilgarvan, Ireland

Image credits: Sam Abell

Abandoned Train Station In Abkhazia, Georgia

Image credits: Ilya Varlamov

I.M. Cooling Tower, Belgium

Image credits: brokenview

Abandoned Fishermen’s Town In Kamchatka, Russia

Image credits:

Angkor, Cambodia

Image credits: Pietro Bevilacqua

Image credits: Brad Grove

Abandoned Hotel Room

Image credits: Matthias Haker

The Radioactive Ghost City Of Pripyat, Ukraine

Image credits:

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