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10 February 2024 ( 27 views )

Birds in Action: Breathtaking Photos & Videos At Exactly The Right Moment

Birds collecting excess fur from a deer to build a nest later

A Red-winged Blackbird getting a free ride on an Osprey’s broomstick.

The Blackbird was focused on driving the Osprey away from the marsh, while the Osprey was focused on bringing back a good stick for the nest.

A Red-winged Blackbird getting a free ride on an Osprey's broomstick.

Spectacular composite photo of a kingfisher’s dive.


Hummingbird catching a mosquito

Sha Lu

Stealing honeycomb with bees in hot pursuit!

Stealing honeycomb with bees in hot pursui
Wanling Tang

Common Kingfisher in action


How To Train Your Dragon


Black-throated Grosbeak


A crested eagle is entangled while fighting with a snake he is trying to capture.

crested eagle with a snake
Wang Cheng

Pursuit of the dragonfly

Ted Wu

Incredible Shots Of Osprey in Mid-Hunt Dive


The bearded reedling balancing on the stems to snare a snack.

Edwin Kats

Fighting peacocks

Fighting peacocks

Cattle egret with a frog, hitchhiking on nilgai antelope

Raju Karia

Taiwan Barbet


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