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05 July 2024 ( 22 views )

Photographer Captured A Rare Black Panther Roaming In The Jungles Of IndiaPhotographer Captured A Rare Black Panther Roaming In The Jungles Of India

Passion can make our lives so much better and interesting. When you love to do something, it would give you the energy to wake up in the morning and fill your day with bright thoughts. However, before pursuing your passions, you should know exactly what you like best in your life and when you are sure of that you can work on it to achieve the things you love in your life.

Shaaz Jung has always been passionate about black panthers. Being a filmmaker and a photographer also gave him a lot of opportunities to pursue his passion. He has grown up around nature and according to him “The jungle is a labyrinth riddled with secrets that are waiting to be uncovered. Every day in the forest was like a puzzle and I had to put the pieces of this puzzle together to successfully unlock its secrets”.

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“The camera allowed me to take photographs, immortalizing these moments, relishing life, and inspiring the world,” he said. “Wildlife is unpredictable and I love the challenge of tracking your subject before you can photograph it. It feels far more rewarding”.

So, he spent the last couple of years in Kabini Forest in Karnataka, India and when he came back, he had a breath-taking photo collection of a rare black panther.

Speaking to us the photographer said that “I spent two and a half years in the Kabini Forest, between December 2017 and January 2020, on a filming permit. This filming permit allowed [me and the team] to make a documentary on the Black Panther for National Geographic”.

“This black panther is a leopard with an abundance of melanin. Unlike other cats in the Kabini Forest, there is only one black panther,” Jung explained. “This of course makes him far more difficult to photograph. However, since 2015… photographers have been fortunate enough to see him and take pictures. We are, however, the first to make a dedicated movie on him”.

So, according to Jung, this was one of the most interesting projects that they have ever worked on and he also wanted to thank the Indian Karnataka Forest Department for their immense dedication and support to protect this wildlife.

“I would like to thank the Karnataka Forest Department for protecting these forests. Their hard work enables us to catch glimpses of these beautiful animals that are thriving in our Indian forests”.

It is really hard to find these kinds of people who love forests and we truly appreciate this work of Jung and his team and we wish all the best to do more photo-shoots like this in the future.

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